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Eyelash Extensions

We are very experienced, with nearly 10 years of beautiful eyelash extensions under our belt. We can deal with ANY type of natural lashes: thick, thin, few and many! Eyelashes not only become longer, but thicker and darker as well. They are waterproof, smudge-proof, weightless, and available in different lengths to create the desired effect. They are perfect for special events like weddings, graduations, parties and that special date! If you are indeed after a more glamorous look, that can also be achieved by using longer sized, and thicker eyelash extensions.

There are many different styles and eye designs to suit every eye shape.

We use high quality products to maximize the retention of lashes.

On average, eyelashes are on a 6 week cycle and so your your extensions!

The average infill is every 3 weeks, with some people making 4 weeks.


Individual Eyelash Extensions: These are applied carefully to each and every natural eyelash, taking care not to overload or damage the eyelashes. They create a very long lasting effect, perfect for every day or a special party or wedding.

Individual, Natural Mink Extensions: These are the ultimate natural look. These lashes have a thickness of approximately 0,12mm, They are all slightly different and create a very wispy 'fly in the wind' look!

Russian Volume Extensions: They create a voluminous effect, with the softness of feathers. We add 2-3-4-5-6 superfine eyelash extensions to each natural eyelash, and still achieve an incredibly lightweight feel.

Natural Mink Volume Extensions: 2d and 3d only. Adding extra volume to this very natural look to create fullness and style.

Whichever your preference in thickness, length and curl, it can be achieved with us!



Come and see us and we will fix it for you. Don't suffer in silence and put up with messy and painful extensions. Come and see us and we will fix it. If it can be done within an hr you will only be charged the cost of an infill!

Russian Volume Extensions 5d

There are so many different ways to wear your eyelash extensions, some people love them big and fluffy, some people love them natural.

It's all up to you, I have all thicknesses and sizes and everyone is different!