It has been a challenging time for all of us and I am very happy to announce the reopening of Therapy Room 55!

Things will look and feel a little different but I can guarantee you will get the same amazing lashes as always.

I will be wearing PPE with facial shield, apron, mark and gloves. I will supply you with a surgical type mask, but you are welcome to bring your own IF it is of higher grade, such as N95 or FFP3.

I will ask you to sanitize your hands on arrival.

There will be only one person allowed in the room at any time, no children.

I will leave a longer gap between clients to air the room.

My apologies but toilet facilities will not be available whilst these measures are required.

Please do not wear makeup to your appointment, it takes time to remove it and requires avoidable close contact.

Please arrive on time, not early and wait for me to greet you. I am managing appointments very tightly so no one is crossing paths. Please again, come alone, I have no waiting facilities for early arrivals or family or friends.

You will be met with a warm smile, but, sadly, usual friendly greetings such as hand shakes or hugs will be avoided.

Please bring as little as possible with you, just essential items, leave unnecessary bags, big coats etc. at home or in the car

If you think you might need a drink, please bring your own bottle of water.

I will ask that you keep your hands in your pocket or arms folded to avoid touching surfaces. On arrival, I will invite you to sanitize your hands.

I will have prepared the room, including disinfecting any surfaces.

Finally, I am really looking forward to seeing you all again, it's been a long time and I have missed you all!!!!!!

Covid cert as image.jpg


Regrettably, I have had to increase the cost of all treatments by 2.50 to partly cover the PPE required. This is already reflected on my price list page.

Thank you for your understanding.